Business Suits

“Men in bowlers and dark suits with their rolled-up umbrellas. Men full of propriety, calm and proud, neat and noble”
Thomas Merton

Business Suits

Whether we like it or not, be it right or wrong, the fact is that we assess each other within seconds of meeting, so choosing the right business suit could be crucial, even more so in these times of uncertainty and the ever-changing working environment.

Folk are tending to be working harder than ever nowadays so why not invest in that bespoke business suit you may have always desired to help you stand out from the office crowd and to make your mark.

All my business suits are perfectly fitted to your figure, and of course will be imbued with your own personal touch. After all, why use a bespoke tailor if you can’t get exactly what you want ?

Maybe you fancy a turquoise lining to give you the edge on your competitors because it’s your favourite colour.

Business suits

Hand buttonholes completed on these sleeves, and the tools I required to make the button-holes.

The finished line of my business suits are sharp and clean. The silhouette I prefer to cut is slightly longer through the body to give a better proportion and balance. I combine this longer line with slight a waist suppression at the clients natural waist. Sleeves are cut narrow at the elbow and cuff to complete the classic business suit silhouette.

By carefully listening to your requirements, I will ensure that your business suit is made from a cloth that is completely fit for purpose for your profession. This will ensure that your business suit is able to endure hard work and be durable, yet at the same time still retaining the natural softness of the fabric whilst looking, fitting and feeling superb.

Your suit does not need to be a boring garment, of course the style and choice of cloth is yours. It’s a well-known fact that the UK has a reputation for snappy dressing in the business world.

Business suits

Perfect pocket matching of the stripes on both these flap pockets on this bespoke business suit.

Business Suits

I have met many, many very successful business men and women in my time and they all have one thing in common: they want to look the best, and be the best, and their choice of suit is fundamental in this. I have had it said to me many times by some of these successful individuals that their business suit is almost their armour whilst at work.

Business suits.

Over 5,000 hand stitches are placed in creating every one of my bespoke suits.

The choice of the cloth, the process of the making, combined with my 33 years of practical bespoke tailoring experience working at the highest levels in hand crafted tailoring means that you can rest assured that you are in knowledgable, safe hands. I will make you a business suit that says you are ready for business, whether it be my bespoke or Semi-Bespoke/MTM option.

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Suit looks a million dollars. Just put it on as it came out of the box…. awesome! Night and day away from the various London things I’ve tried over the years.