Trousers maketh the suit!

I am always amazed why so many tailors look at trouser making as inferior to jacket making. Yes, coat making is harder, but how many times have you seen a ‘saggy’ bottom or a tight seat seam on men’s trousers ? When these features of badly fitting trousers are combined with the general lack of attention paid to the suit coat, it really lets the suit down. Men should start to look at the fit of their trouser rears in the mirror, “so come on fella’s get yourself into tailored trousers, you won’t regret it”!

I have seen trousers that have been made by some of the most respected tailors and to be honest, in my opinion the fit and make of these trousers has been nothing less than mediocre. I have said it many times before when discussing with my brethren and I shall say it again, cutting good trousers and making them fit correctly is not easy.

Bad trouser fitting is absolutely down to poor use of the iron during the making process.

The iron has to used quite liberally and with good effect. Shaping, stretching and shrinking the relevant trouser parts enables a clean fit on the client and allows the trousers correct hang and shape to be achieved.

Good pressing is down to experience, a ‘feel’ for the cloth being worked, it is almost impossible to express to some-one and unfortunately it pains me to say, some tailors haven’t got a clue when it comes to trouser cutting, fitting and making.

I know firsthand the skills required to execute good trousers. Trousers always take more wear and tear than the jacket. My trousers can be cut from cloth to endure hard work and durability, whilst looking, fitting and feeling superb. Or cut and made from Super 120’s Merino wool for the comfort and luxury this cloth gives. There are many options available to choose from in terms of trouser design, for example pleating, vs. non pleating?

If you are lucky enough to be blessed with the proportions of an Alderman then pleats is the way forward. On the other hand, if you are slimmer and younger then plain fronts could be the answer for your look. Do you wear a belt? Do you wear braces? The options really can be almost endless with trousers.

The choice of cloth, process of making, combined with my 30 years experience means that I can make you trousers that are nothing short of excellent, whether it be bespoke, made to measure.

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