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Business Partner

Business Partner


In brief, I am looking for a partner to help me push my bespoke tailoring business to the next level.

I am a cut and make bespoke tailor with 33 years experience, I have a great product and a steadily expanding client base.

However, as a true one man band also dealing with the general running of my business on top of actually cutting and making all my clients suits personally in-house, I am struggling to master the 30 hour day.

Therefore, I am considering taking on a business partner to help me expand the business. I see this simply as, I continue to deal with the tailoring side of the business, and someone else deals with lifting the profile of the business to a wider audience and subsequently increasing the client base.

I am not after an apprentice, a trainee tailor or another tailor at this point.

If you are serious you can contact me via my website, or call me on 07871877061.

Business Partner

A clients bespoke overcoat ready for a first fitting.

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  1. Jason Smith
    Jason Smith says:

    Hello there Desmond,

    Did you find your business partner or are you still looking?

    Regards, Jason


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