Tailoring Consultancy

I have often been approached to deliver consultancy to a variety of companies in the tailoring industry.

Over the last 15 years this has resulted in a variety of opportunities for me regarding consultancy, some of which I have undertaken. If you are an individual looking for a professional practical tailoring course, or a multi national company looking to improve your quality or production, then my 31 years experience within the bespoke and wholesale sectors could be just the answer.

tailoring consultancy

I am available to consult on all matters tailoring, such as:

  • Improving the quality of wholesale MTM or bespoke garments
  • Adding semi or full bespoke tailoring to your production
  • Pattern creation for bespoke or engineered garments
  • Measuring and garment fitting
  • Pattern manipulation from block patterns
  • Specialised cutting, bespoke or engineered garments
  • Traditional tailoring methods full open coat construction garments
  • Wholesale garment construction techniques
  • Pressing and garment finishing
  • 1-2 days workshops on how to make trousers, jackets or any other bespoke or engineered garment

My specialist expertise is in that of Traditional English Tailoring.

My career started in the wholesale trade and because I can do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING from start to finish, making a complete engineered or full bespoke garment on one standard flat bed sewing machine, my advice and help can be the difference between an OK product and a GREAT one!

Finished clients pattern