My Fabrics

I just LOVE cloth there is nothing else to it.

I mean it when I say to clients I think the fabric they have chosen or may be considering is fantastic cloth and will be beautiful when finished.

    Cloth is made in many different weave styles numerous combinations of mixes, endless pattern variations and colours, but for any tailor worth his salt 13oz all wool cloth woven in Yorkshire Cloth is king.

    This weight of cloth will do everything, it cuts lovely, tailors immaculately, drapes superbly and finishes well, a bespoke suit made in this weight of cloth will also last a lifetime if the wearer looks after it.
    It is commonly known that Yorkshire mills are the best in the world at producing cloth.

    I am also very proud of my Yorkshire heritage so I like to support the smaller cloth merchants who are based in Yorkshire.

    I am very selective when it comes to materials the cloth must be fit for purpose and beautifully finished, as finishing is the most important aspect.
    I do not and will not use cloth that has been made in China or India. Yes, it is cheap, but most of it is substandard and is not fit for the job at hand.

    Often though some of the more expensive cloths can work against you as the current trend for the big mills is to create cloths that are lighter and lighter in weight than ever before. These are the Super numbered cloths Super 180 count cloths and higher. These cloths sure are light and easy to wear but the truth is they are just not durable.

    They are very hard to make, a nightmare to press and finish and sit down in them once and watch the creases appear.

    I am a tailor that practices what he preaches and wears what he sells, in a nutshell of course my favourite cloth is 13oz wool woven in Yorkshire.