My Philosophy

A true craftsman … and a suit that only remains in my
hands from start to finish.

My Philosophy

The way I make your suit is truly unique and is unlike the way most tailors will make, claim to make, or even attempt to make.

I only work directly with my clients, and will personally measure & make your suit.

From the initial consultation until you have your suit on IT WILL HAVE NEVER LEFT MY HANDS.

my philosophy

It’s in the detail

My philosophy is simple, I personally create your unique pattern from your measurements, cut the cloth, prepare and conduct all the fittings at a time and place convenient to you, sew the suit to perfection from the fittings, perform all the delicate and intricate hand sewing and hand button holes with only the finest silk thread, personally hand press your suit and finally before delivery to you I will hand rub with olive oil the genuine horn buttons for your coat to bring out the patina beforehand sewing them on with silk thread.

Unique service

This unique personal service was very rare even 60 years ago and is practically unheard of in this day and age. I am a genuine boutique business that really cares about my clients, and every one of my clients is important to me and valued. There are many tailors who will claim to cut and make your suit, but in reality this is not true.

Take a look at my article “How Honest Is Your Tailor” before spending your hard-earned money on a poorly made suit.

Control over quality

The advantage of working this way is far superior to the normal approach of outsourcing that most other tailors unfortunately now take, It gives me absolute control over quality at every crucial stage to make you a perfect suit and every stage is crucial. All the hand work in the world means nothing if your suit doesn’t fit.

my philosophy