Full bespoke suits

Made To Measure/Semi-Bespoke

A Very Sensible Alternative To My Full Bespoke. REAL Tailoring, With Added Quality And Value.


Why choose my Semi-Bespoke option ? My semi-bespoke suit option is a sensible alternative to my full bespoke. You have my guarantee this is a REAL tailored suit that will take me at least 30 hours of labour to make, compare that to less than 1 hour at best for a factory made ‘tailored’ suit.

I will personally measure you and cut you your own unique pattern. The construction of your coat and trousers will vary slightly from my full bespoke, it obviously has to because it’s almost half the price.

The coat fronts will differ from my full bespoke by being fused with a lightweight fusing. This will be combined with a 3/4 floating canvas and have machine padded lapels. The canvas will be zig-zag stitched and machine-made and not hand-made like it is for my bespoke suits. However, the canvas that I make definitely gives the coat a form and shape far superior to most offerings of off the peg suits.

Semi bespoke

A clients semi-bespoke coat being prepared for a second fitting.


All my semi-bespoke clients will have their own pattern made which will be hand marked onto your cloth and your suit will then be hand cut out.

I will also use a semi-open coat construction to make your coat. This is a method of construction that is rarely employed by other tailoring companies or factories that make semi-bespoke or MTM suits due to the time-consuming nature of the process. Semi-open coat construction is far superior to the ‘bagged’ coat method used by most tailoring factories nowadays.

After your intial consultation and order, you will have one fitting, a second fitting is at my discretion. Your coat will be between the skeleton and forward fitting stage. The pockets will be made, the lapels may be padded, the side seams, shoulders and sleeves will only be basted.

At the finishing stage, some of the internal linings will be finished by hand. All the edges of your coat will be finished by delicate hand sewing.

Semi bespoke

Clients semi-bespoke coat going through the make process


I am a third generation tailor and I have thirty-three years experience as a bespoke tailor.

Thirty three years of practical experience garnished as a tailor AND a cutter, there are very few people working in the UK today that actually cut and make their clients suits. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands if you commission a semi-bespoke suit from me.

I have carefully assessed what others within my trade are offering at this price point. Most if not all my competitors are selling you nothing more than a factory full machine-made suit, most of which are often poorly made and badly fitting.

Most other tailoring companies will send your suit to be made in a factory abroad in China or Mauritius.

I firmly believe my semi-bespoke suit option is undoubtably the best value and best quality option currently available in England.

Semi bespoke

Clients semi-bespoke coat showing the lining and pocket details.

  • Semi-Bespoke 2 piece suit…from £1,600.00
  • Semi-Bespoke 3 piece suit…from £1,950.00
  • Semi-Bespoke Overcoat…from £1,800.00
  • Semi-Bespoke Jacket…from £1,400.00
  • Semi-Bespoke Trousers…from £375.00