Supreme Bespoke

The ultimate suit and a chance to fully showcase my hard learned craft.

The Best Suit In The World

I am a true artisan tailor that has been working at the highest levels in bespoke tailoring for over 31 years. A real hand made suit for the discerning client that I believe is the best in the world.

Des Merrion Tailor

Desmond hand basting a bespoke coat for a clients first fitting.

supreme bespoke

Desmond carefully hand making the breast pocket.

supreme bespoke

A true artisan creating tailoring perfection.

Supreme Bespoke

Is aimed squarely at the client that has everything but wants the absolute truest and purest form of tailoring that money can buy. Lots of companies offer very expensive garments, but what are you actually buying ?

With my supreme bespoke I will personally place every single stitch in your suit by hand, a machine will never touch this garment at any stage. The true bragging rights of possessing a genuine hand-made suit can be yours, many say it but in reality ?

My approach to this completely hand-made suit is the absolute pinnacle of tailoring, and will create a garment that is unique and unparalleled from any other tailor in the world.

The time and labour that I will need to put into this suit cannot be measured in man hours, it has to be measured in MONTHS of my time to make you the ultimate supreme bespoke hand crafted suit.

The finished suit will appear as if it has not been hand crafted, but sculpted around your torso, the wearing of the suit and the softness will be unrivalled by anything else that can be offered from any other tailor or tailoring company.

The fabric and trimmings selected for this suit will be of the finest quality and will come from the worlds best merchants in their field. Of course if you desire you can even have your own cloth specifically woven to suit your own taste.

A Genuine Hand Made Suit

The price for my supreme bespoke suit starts at £30,000 for a 2 piece suit.

So why have I decided to offer this unique service ? I looked into the most expensive suits being offered by other companies, and I had a close look at what they were actually offering you for the price they charged. In real terms all you would be getting is their standard suit in a luxurious cloth, what makes that so unique ? In my opinion nothing really. Anyone can buy Vicuna and make into a suit, what would differentiate it from a normal bespoke suit they offered ? That’s when my Supreme Bespoke was born.

Non of these companies can even come close to what I am actually offering. If you try to actually think of placing every single stitch of a suit by hand, it’s mind-boggling. However, I am so confident of my hand cutting and hand sewing skills that I am taking this opportunity to showcase this hard learned craft. I absolutely live and breathe bespoke tailoring and perfection is the absolute aim with my Supreme Bespoke.

If you would like to enquire about my Supreme Bespoke service, then I would be glad to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me at

Hand stitched not for you perhaps ? Maybe my full bespoke option ?