Your Experience

 When anyone commissions me to make their garments, you are getting a true craftsman that will actually be cutting and fully making your suits from start to finish personally.

As you go through my suit making process you may have some questions buzzing around in your mind.  Hopefully I can answer some of them here, but the rule is always feel free to ask me anything.

Where are Your Garments Made?
My shop is located at Rawdon, north Leeds which is about 4 miles from Leeds City centre. There is free parking straight outside my door. It’s really easy to find, I’m located about 1 mile away from Leeds Bradford International Airport. I am a working tailor and as such I have a traditional tailor’s shop and workroom on one same floor. My shop has cloth, bits of various trim, canvas and cotton threads all over the floor with half made suits all over the place.

How Long Does It take?
Usually I try my best to have your garment finished in 4-6 weeks. But like any craft, quality takes time and lots of it.

What Do I get For My Money?
When anyone commissions me to make their garments, you are purely paying for one craftsman to spend hours and hours of labour working only the traditional way with an iron, needle and thimble. I will personally place thousands and thousands of tiny hand stitches throughout the course of making your suit. I will create and ultimately sculpt you an immaculate garment that compliments your figure perfectly with the fitting process’ I conduct. You are certainly not paying for me to maintain expensive retail premises.

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What If I Am Unsure About My Requirements?
Not all clients know exactly what they want on their first visit to me and may feel a little inexperienced or embarrassed to try to explain to me their requirements. There is no need to worry or feel embarrassed, I am easy to approach and will listen carefully to what you say and in all honesty I have probably heard what you thought was silly to ask a hundred times before. I am a true Artisan, so neither do I run a business relying on the hard sell approach, It’s really as simple as that.