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Desmond Merrion Bespoke Tailor

In a world where everyone casually uses the word ‘bespoke’, I’m one of the very few true artisan tailors left in Northern England.

Providing my clients exquisite handmade garments in fabrics selected from the world’s finest English and Italian woollen mills, and the finest Scottish tweeds.

The Desmond Merrion process

Striked by hand, cut by hand, trimmed by hand, made by hand, pressed by hand, buttonholes by hand ... are all the hallmarks of a true bespoke suit.

The Desmond Merrion bespoke process is the epitome of sartorial perfection, requiring at least three fittings, creating a high end bespoke, one of a kind piece that’s unique to you.

My bespoke suits are all hand-cut and hand-made with full-floating chest canvas, hand padded lapels, hand stitched collars, linings and buttonholes.

For the ultimate bespoke tailoring experience

Enough talking, let’s get down to business...

Prices ...
Semi-Bespoke 2 Piece Suit from £1,850
Full-Bespoke 2 Piece Suit from £2,950

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