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Over 35 years of experience in bespoke tailoring

The art of true bespoke tailoring takes years of training to learn and perfect, and countless hours to create.

Our bespoke suits are all hand-cut and bench-made with full-floating chest canvas, hand padded lapels and hand stitched buttonholes.

Every client has a paper pattern cut out to their exact specifications in order to meet their individual style. A Desmond Merrion suit is tailored to the highest standard possible, a timeless style deeply rooted in sartorial heritage.

The Desmond Merrion process

A bespoke client, whether visiting us through an introduction or through mere curiosity, is introduced to our bespoke tailor in his workshop.

This is where foundations are laid for a relationship of trust between client and tailor that can last a lifetime.

Requiring at least two fittings, creating a high end bespoke, one of a kind piece, the bespoke process is the epitome of sartorial perfection.

For the ultimate bespoke tailoring experience...

The client has the freedom to design the suit or garment to meet their needs, tastes and lifestyle. From the choice of cloth and fit to the specifics, such as the shape of lapel, number of buttons and hidden pockets, creating a garment uniquely suited to their lifestyle.

The bespoke process is the epitome of sartorial perfection allowing us to form and shape the ultimate garment.

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