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Our Bespoke Process Initial Consultation

The first step in your suit creation is the initial consultation, during which you will select your cloth from my wide selection of beautiful options.

We will take your initial measurements, and carefully discuss your requirements so you can be assured we know exactly what you need from your suit.

Our Bespoke Process Your Unique Pattern

After your initial consultation, we will then personally produce your own unique pattern. This will be entirely unique to you, and will be kept updated from future fittings.

We don’t repurpose old patterns- once we have drawn up your pattern it will remain yours and we can make as many suits from it as you require.

Our Bespoke Process Hand Marking In and Hand Cutting

Using your unique pattern, the suit-making process truly begins by carefully hand marking in your suit on your selected cloth.

Then we hand cut the material and produce the skeleton of your suit in preparation for your first fitting.

Our Bespoke Process First Fitting

During your first fitting, we will make careful adjustments to determine any changes required to the original pattern.

This is the first time you will see the cloth you have chosen coming to life and get just a taste of how the finished product will look.

Our Bespoke Process Complete Ripping Down and Re-cutting

Once your suit has been updated with any alterations from your first fitting, your bespoke suit really begins to take shape.

Your garments will be hand-crafted with an emphasis on traditional hand-sewing skills. Only the main seams of your garments will be joined using a sewing machine.

Our Bespoke Process Second Fitting

At your second fitting, we will make further alterations in order to finish your suit.

You will also be able to select your own genuine horn buttons that will be the finishing touch to your bespoke suit, along with hand-made button holes sewn in only the finest pure silk thread available.

Our Bespoke Process Your Finished Suit

Your suit will be finished with the cleanest hand stitching, extremely delicately placed to leave only the slightest impression.

All seams that were sewn by hand over 200 years ago will also be sewn by hand on your suit, maintaining the heritage and traditions of real bespoke tailoring.

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