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Tailoring Consultancy

If you are an individual looking for a professional tailoring consultant, or a multi national company looking to improve your quality or production, then my 35 years of experience within the bespoke and wholesale tailoring sectors could be just the answer.

I have occasionally been approached to deliver high quality tailoring consultancy to a wide variety of companies within the tailoring industry. Delivering a depth of knowledge, passion and skill that only 35 years of experience in bespoke tailoring can bring.

Desmond Merrion is a highly commended bespoke tailoring consultant, with over 15 years experience working with acclaimed brands and international fashion houses.

Desmond is available to consult on all matters tailoring, such as:

  • Improving the overall quality of wholesale made to measure or bespoke garments
  • Adding semi or full bespoke tailoring to your production
  • Pattern drafting for bespoke or engineered garments
  • Efficiency in cloth cutting and lay planning
  • Effective pattern manipulation from block patterns
  • Specialised cutting for bespoke or engineered garments
  • Improving garment quality of fit
  • Traditional tailoring methods including full open coat construction garments
  • Full canvas construction methods
  • Pressing and garment finishing techniques
  • Workshops on how to make trousers, jackets or any other bespoke or engineered garment

My specialist expertise is in that of traditional tailoring.

A tailoring consultant with real practical experience. Desmond’s personal career began in the wholesale tailoring trade at his fathers Doncaster based factory. This was a wholesale tailoring plant that made 3,000 suits per week. Desmond gained 14 years of full time hands on practical experience within the wholesale sector.

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Interested in tailoring consultancy?

Des +44 (0) 7871 877 061