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Buy Adipex Tablets Online, Buy Phentermine No Credit Card

If you are an individual looking for a professional tailoring consultant, or a multi national company looking to improve your quality or production, I can deliver a depth of knowledge, passion and skill that only 35 years of experience in bespoke tailoring can bring.

Tailoring Consultant

Buy Adipex Tablets Online, Buy Phentermine No Credit Card

Desmond Merrion is a highly commended bespoke tailoring consultant, with over 15 years experience working with acclaimed brands and international fashion houses.

Buy Adipex Tablets Online, Buy Phentermine No Credit Card

  • Improving the quality of wholesale made to measure or bespoke garments
  • Ensuring a smooth production line workflow
  • Adding semi or full bespoke tailoring to your production
  • Quality control systems
  • Pattern drafting for bespoke or engineered garments
  • Efficiency in cloth cutting and lay planning
  • Effective pattern manipulation for best fit from block patterns
  • Cutting of bespoke or engineered garments
  • Improving garment quality of fit
  • Traditional tailoring methods including full open coat construction garments
  • Full canvas construction methods
  • Pressing and garment finishing techniques
  • Workshops on how to make trousers, jackets or any other bespoke or engineered garment

My specialist expertise is in that of traditional tailoring.

A tailoring consultant with real practical experience of fast paced high quality volume factory production. Desmonds’ personal career began in the wholesale tailoring trade at his late fathers Doncaster based factory. Desmond is a very experienced cutter with shears, Eastman straight knives and industrial band knives, and has a vast depth of knowledge on pattern construction as well as being a fully trained bespoke tailor.  Desmond is fully conversant with efficient modern production line flow from cutting through to dispatch for trousers and coats. Desmond spent 14 years full time at his fathers wholesale tailoring plant that averaged 3,000 tailored hanging garments per week.

Interested in a career with me? Can I Buy Phentermine At Walmart

Interested in tailoring consultancy?

Phentermine Uk Buy Online Buy Phentermine 37.5 Usa